World to End on May 21? Skeptics Not Buying It
May 20, 2011

By Ted Regencia

SKOKIE, Ill — If faithful listeners of the Christian broadcasting network Family Radio are to be believed, then the organizers of the Skokie Festival of Cultures picked the wrong date to kickstart the festivities on Saturday.

On that day, May 21, 2011, the world will come to an end, according to the Christian group Project Caravan, which has been crisscrossing the U.S., including the Chicago area, to spread its message. It is a claim widely received with skepticism if not outright dismissal from other religious and scientific communities.

“The end of the world is almost here,” Project Caravan proclaims on its radio station, its billboards, its leaflets and its website. “The bible guarantees it.”

Five months of natural disaster will commence on May 21, and earthquakes will cause widespread death among nonbelievers, while the believers will be saved from damnation and punishment.

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