Pinay from Dipolog slain in Idaho

ABS-CBN Balitang America
September 1, 2010

By Ted Regencia

CHICAGO — A Philippine native with family ties in Chicago was shot and killed Sunday evening in Caldwell, Idaho following a reported dispute with her estranged husband.

Chris Allen Stone has been charged with second degree murder, after shooting Florence Madriñan-Stone twice in the head, according to a statement by Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney John T. Bujak.

Stone is in police custody at the Ada County jail. His bond is set at $1 million, and he is expected to be arraigned Tuesday, Fox 12 Idaho reported.

The suspect is identified as a speech and language pathologist with the local Caldwell School District since August 2004.

On the social networking website Facebook, the late Madriñan-Stone, who has several Chicago relatives, listed the same school district as her employer. Caldwell is a town in the state of Idaho. It is about 12 hours northeast of San Francisco, California.

At 5:58 p.m. Sunday, the Canyon County Sheriff received a call about a shooting incident. When police arrived, they saw Madriñan-Stone “slumped in the back of a mini-van in the driveway” of the residence.

The caller was later identified as the husband. He was then taken into custody “without incident.”

Sheriff’s captain Dana Maxfield described the death to Idaho news outlets as “a domestic situation that’s gone horribly wrong.”

According to a cousin from Chicago, Madriñan-Stone had been living separately from her husband. This was also confirmed by a Chicago-based high school friend, who said the couple were in the middle of a divorce. They had been married for more than ten years and have two children.

Following his arrest, Stone reportedly gave conflicting information, as to the circumstances leading to the shooting.

While being treated at a local hospital, Stone claimed “self defense” in shooting his wife. He said that while loading items to her van, the victim reportedly retrieved a “steak knife” and “thrust it backwards into his abdomen.” He then drew his pistol from his pocket and “fired two rounds into the back of her neck.”

Later, when police pointed “inconsistencies” in his story, Stone “eventually changed” his statement.

Stone then told police that his wife “told him to the effect of ‘You’re stupid, don’t you know I just married you for the green card.'” He said the statement “set him off” and he pulled out his gun. At that point, the victim reportedly retrieved a steak knife and “stuck it into his abdomen.” That was when he “fired two rounds into her neck.”

But the prosecutor told reporters: “Self defense is something that a judge or a jury is going have to take a look at. Because we’re talking about bullets shot to the back of the head; it’s difficult for me to claim self defense on those facts.” Thus the second degree murder charge.

If convicted, the suspect will face a mandatory minimum 25 years, up to life in the Idaho State Penitentiary, the Idaho Press Tribune said.

The victim, Madriñan-Stone is originally from Zamboanga del Norte, a southern Philippine province. She has several Chicago-area relatives, including her mother Florefes “Flor” Madriñan and an aunt, Dr. Marilyn Talaboc Else.

Madriñan-Stone is also the niece of Dr. Carmencita Icao and Dr. Domiciano Talaboc, top physicians of the same province. She is a 1994 graduate of Saint Vincent’s High School in Dipolog City, the provincial capital.

Messages of sympathy were posted on the victim’s Facebook Page a day after the incident.

“I feel so sad about this. I pray that the Lord will take care of you and bring justice to this,” said Edmarc Brian Talaboc Else, a cousin and Navy corpsman.

“Florence I really am going to miss you. You were such a beautiful person inside and out. I pray for your family and children,” Jolie French Pecyna wrote.

This article was also published in the Philippine News

(NOTE: Photo of the victim was taken from her Facebook Page. Photo of the suspect was taken from Canyon County Sheriff through the Idaho Press Tribune. This reporter is a high school classmate for four years of then Florence Madriñan.)

64 thoughts on “Pinay from Dipolog slain in Idaho

  1. Saddened to hear of this tragic incident. May Florence rest in peace. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and relatives. Our prayers are with you….

  2. if wha t he is saying is true , that she said that she only married him for a green card, then i say she provoked him into a uncontrolable rage that caused her death . Much more needs to be investigated and i am sure the truth willcome out at the trial. Many american men are thrown in to the trash can after the foreigner comes to the usa and gets her permanent green card. RIght now the law says if she terminates the marriage before two years is up, she is deported. It should be changed to 20 years at least to weed out those who marry only for the green card with the intention of trashing the husband afterward. I know how it feels.

    1. Ron, from my understanding, she’s been married to the guy for 15 years. They also have two children. And no husband, American or otherwise is worth dying.

      1. This “ron” guy is an idiot! get your facts straight and dont just open your mouth just to post a comment. Seems like he’s more concern about a freaking green card and dont even care about a persons life. What a douchebag.

    2. Its so sad to hear one of our kababayan died so tragic but I agree with you Ron ,they are in a process of getting divorce yet she told him she only married him because of a green card, put yourself in his shoes what your reaction be.If the husband is telling the truth then she did ask for it.I feel sorry for the kids though.

      1. That’s what the husband claimed. We do not really know the unadulterated truth because there were only two of them, and one is already dead. She cannot deny or confirm it. But, at the end of the day, whatever they were fighting about, it’s worth killing a person.

      2. And if she was really after the green card, she could have left him long time ago, because they have been together for about 14 years or so. And they have two kids too.

      3. @Emma- she asked for it? really? she asked for it? are you insane! let me put you on the spot here Emma,if you argue with your husband or boyfriend and you made a comment that hurts and made him angry,then he can kill you? so your saying its okay to kill a wife because she opens her mouth and hurts the husband in the process? Wow! you must have a brain of an ant. I’m sorry but the way you react to this report is just moronic.

    3. @ron: 20 years? whoah man, if american couldn’t even keep their own marriages for a year, what makes you think foreigners have to stay on for 20 yrs? there are lots of women who married for green card but stayed for life with the man who took them into the u.s., but for some who decides to file for divorce, perhaps the american did not give her the true american dream she was hoping for, huh? no offense, i’m just saying.

    4. I doubt it..if she just wanted the green card then her marriage would have not lasted for 15 yrs..that’s just “crazy man’s”excuse….he needs to be be punish by peeling his skin and soak him in vinegar and salt..

      1. im 100% disagree w/ mr “RON”…i know him well…his wife left him for many reasons…he’s abusing so many girls in dipolog…mr “RON” is now residing in “DIPOLOG”…I FELT SO BAD TO THOSE GIRLS! TO MR. “RON” let me ask you something, do you think she will stay w/ mr. stone for so many years if she only after for green card? i don’t think so! and so as your ex-wife! but, people like you and mr stone should go to hell!

      2. we know how filipinos are trying hard to save a family specially if got childrens,its not that easy come up with divorce not unless there such a serious matters that you cant handle at all,,so we never know whose fault the main thing if he killed his wife then he should be sentenced,,and we know evedently thats already on american impression,,pinay would only come for green card,,fo course not everybody,,they keep on that repeateted issue during arguement they are more bossy…no one live 15 years longer with a husband if only for green card and i dont think i need a child if for green card only,,,hope truth will prevail and punish a killer

    5. I would say…15 years staying with a US citizen is not only because of the greencard..I think the estranged husband is just making it just to get out of the crime he did…You’re right Ted if only for the green she wouldn’t even allow herself to have 2 kids with him..she would have left him long time ago..she’s so pretty to begin with…

    6. Well i agree, many pinays now using foreigner for their personal intention, if she really said that to his husband about marrying him just for the greencard only then maybe he is right, and it was really a big insult to him, and getting her in US is cost him alot and having their kids is not really counts if they like it from the beggining to have a children. Anyway there is really a main reason why he shot and killed her wife. anyway condolence to the family.

      1. No matter what she said to him you cannot”justify” a killing. Never. Life is precious and the husband have no right to kill her over an argument.

      2. @jing- maybe he is right? her greencard comment is a big insult to him,and cost him a lot? really? Let me get this straight… sooo your saying that as long as you are being insulted and you have a good reason then it is okay to kill? Where did you get this idea? this is so stupid.Even small kids know that killing a”PERSON”is not okay no matter what you reason is.Mr. Stone is just looking for excuse to get out of death penalty or life in prison. Shame on you Jing,think b4 you comment.

    7. @Ron-i don’t know what your talking about,we are talking about murder here and not about that damn green card. The thing is someone is dead and the husband killed her,he’s crying self defense but how can it be self defense when she was hit in the back of her neck. Sounds like premeditated murder to me. I dont care if she provoked him or not but you cannot just shoot somebody just because your wife made you angry. And what the hell is with that gun in his pocket anyway? self defense is so far out crazy argument.

    8. when we are at rage, we can be a beast and can say words that we might not want to say. Granting she said those, still not a reason to take her life. no one has the right to end one’s life. She spent her 15 years, with a job of her own. if she is only after of that greencard, she could have left him many years ago. just to let you know that I am Florence’ high school classmate and a close friend. To let you know, she did not finish her college to get married even if her parents and relatives can afford to provide her the best education. she was still 18 at that time. I actually adviced her to finish her studies first but you know what she told me, she fell inlove with Chris. Several years ago, she went home and she said only good words about her husband. Just recently she shared to me the abuses her husband had done to her and that was the reason she left him sometime April of this year. if only Chris had treated her kindly and respected her and loved her, she will never leave him.

      To you Ron, just because a husband has able to help her wife improve her wayt of living, or is earning more than the wife, will give him a reason to treat your wife like a slave, hurt, malign, disrespect, dominate and much more, to end the life of his wife.

      if your wife left you, then i guess you have to take a deep examination of your self and maybe that could help you realize your faux pas. For me, just reading your comment, i think you are not good enough and even if you are the wealthiest man in the world, i will never marry you.

    9. Ron, if she married for greencard why they ended 15 years of married with 2 kids?filipina are loyal. filipinos married ended in divorce for good reason.

    10. Yeah Ron, It`s so a shame to the Filipino…Who we are to judge anyway, but so many cases about that, why not to weed coz u lov so much to that guy…

    11. if you doesn’t know the person personally don’t say negatives things about them coz it’s really hurts to the people concern just keep ur mouth shut.whatever you think just keep it to urself.tnx!!!

    12. if you doesn’t know the person personally don’t say negative things about them coz it’s really hurts to the people concern just keep ur mouth shut.whatever you think just keep it to urself.tnx!!!

  3. I think that if a foreigner stays with a USA citizen for at least five years, it has to be a true marriage because thats too long to pretend. I feel that the biggest fraud of Immigration is when a foreigner marries a US citizen and only stay with them for a few months and leave them and after they leave they claim that they are a victim of spousal abuse, the immigration will grant them a green card without any proof at all, this is becoming a common practice in the US and the Immigration allows it, this is a loop hole in the US Immigration that the foriegners are aware of, The way to fix this problem is to require some type of proof to support this type of claim, such as police records, hospital records or even a neighbors witness report. It is very expensive for someone to come to the US and its lots of time and paperwork on the behalf of the US citizen who is processing the application.

      1. I believe that it is not only the greencard that the girl is aftering for. Her family can petetion her anytime she wants because she has a lot of relatives in the US. If she don’t really loves her husband it will not takes for 14 years or more and they have kids too. Maybe the husband become crazy because of our economy today.

      2. I agree with you ted.If she really aftering the greencard she should leave him after 3 yrs from getting her gc that’s a big LIE on his part he just wanted to be out of jail..Shame on him he can say anything he wants coz the other party has gone.May she rest in peace and hope he gonna be in jail for the rest of his life…

  4. May it be true or not, Mr Stone has no right to kill somebody, much more the mother of his children. This just shows that he is controlling. Our deepest sympathy to the family of Florence. May she rest in peace!

  5. for just that statement the victim had carelessly uttered doesn’t sound repugnant to the killer if he loves the victim, spending together for over 14 yrs. is about to be treasured if they both loved each other specially they have two kids of their own…for that ” green card ” that the victim had acquired through the killer isn’t worth to lose whoever’s life…to the fact that, victim was a killer’s wife……when they’re in the mid of divorce, taking one’s life either party isn’t the best remedy to solve it……..NOONE IS SUPPOSED TO TAKE ANYONE’S LIFE EXCEPT “HIM”

  6. Come on, if they were together for 15 yrs that doesn’t sound like she’s using him for the green card. PLUS they have 2 kids. And even if she said that she did, she didn’t deserve to be killed.

  7. So do u think she married only just because of green card?now think of it if its true…so sad and i am sorry for their family here and her children of what happen…deserved to know the truth…how tragic and sad that our kababayan killed.

  8. I’ve know Florence and I can tell definitely that she is not after the green card. She loved her husband and served him and the kids with all her effort and energy. She is a super mom, a student and she is working at the same time. Her husband is selfish and it builds up into the extent that he will murder Florence. I think he does not want her to be happy because he is desperate to live his life in this world and the only thing to solve his problem is to murder her. She was shot in the back without her knowing that her husband will do it. We filipinos have so much loyalty and trust to people, but sometimes it bring us to danger and death. So we should be very careful and guard our trust that people can harm us when we turn our back.

    So whoever who post a comment here and don’t even know the whole story, please do not believe on Chris Stone inconsistent statement. And please do not judge Florence because I know her better and I know she is not here just because of her green card. She even told her friends here in Idaho that she is very smart with a lot of things but she was not smart enough with her lovelife. She loved her husband eventhough he was abusive to her. So mostly, abusive people are selfish and they don’t want somebody to be happy and they can only stop it by murdering a person. And her husband can just create different version of stories because Florence cannot speak out anymore and I am sure she did not say that “she just married him for the greencard”. His inconsistent statement are all crap! He planned all these things before it happened and he make sure there’s no witnesses so he can create stories to the media. So be aware to believe on media or the reliable source like people who are very close to these couple or the victim.

    1. @juliepie you are very right. My ex-husband tried to pull that crap on me and threatened me to be deported when I left him with my two kids. We (Filipinas) can just put up for so much I left my good paying job to migrate here but it turns out he is one abusive (verbal, emotional, mental, sometimes physical) and selfish bastard he doesn’t want me to be a US citizen, drive a car, unless it’s a stick shift but after 12 yrs I’ve had enough he is in a better place now no I didn’t kill him let’s just say my prayers were answered. This is a warning & lesson to all Filipinas that want to marry a foreigner, it is a big gamble and not all fairy tale has a happy ending.

    2. I agree with Juliepie. my greatest condolences to the family and kids. we, who really don’t know her has no right to judge in anyreason. This is so tragic and devastating……i feel the pain

      from Dipolog 😦

    3. I really agreed with your statement Julie pie about her…so whoever doesn’t know florence just don’t comment anything say a a word about greencard thing…she doesn’t deserve to be killed by her crazy husband its not a deep reason to kill her.Our deepest sympathy to the family back on Mindanao
      I am from mindanao so its sad to hear one of my kababayan passed away…condolence.

    4. My sympathy and condolences and my prayers to Florence family may the lord be with you always.I agree that her husband is a BIG FAT LIAR and SELFISH BASTARD NO offense but I think its true why he claimed himself that selfdefense killing your own wife its a sin and he know where he’s going to prison and in HELL FOREVER.Im very upset about this because first they have kids together second been married for more than ten years and her husband probably going NUTS about it that getting a divorce in this hard economy its bad enough and then he have to deal with ALIMONY,CHILD SUPPORT so he thinks killing his own wife its gonna solved his problem before he done this killing situation he should think and think hard if it the right way to do.He is in EVIL WORLD THAT DAY.PLEASE DON’T KILL YOUR WIFE IF YOUR SICK AND TIRED OF LOOKING @ SAME PERSON EVERYDAY IN YOUR HOUSE HEY! THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY SIGN A DIVORCE PAPER AND TRY TO MOVE ON TO YOUR LIFE BECAUSE KILLING YOUR SPOUSE IN NOT AN OPTIONS IN THIS WORLD YOU WILL GET PUNISHED NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAID.

  9. I personally don’t believe that she said that to her husband. from my point of view she was abused by her husband and she had enough! maybe hitting her or more. maybe the husband doesn’t want her to be happy with another man. like most of the criminals motto “if i can’t have you, no other man will”

    she’s not that dumb enough to say things to her husband that she’s only using him because of the greencard. hello! she’s married to the guy for 15yrs and have 2 kids. no women will do that to their husband if they don’t really him.

    it’s just a plot of a psychopathic. did you remember the case of Atty Teddy Gonzales, wife and daughter? no one could think that it was his son who plot all those things to his family. it’s the same thing with the estrange husband of Florence.

    condolences to Florence family and you may rest in peace

  10. There’s two sides of the story,unfortunately the wife cannot tell her side because she is dead. True or not about what she said during the argument,he has no right to shoot her just because he got angry.If thats the case then this guy is unstable and should be put in jail forever. It is so sad how people tried to justify a killing where in fact there’s no justifying it.

  11. If he planned the whole thing then why not bury her or hide the body instead of calling the police?If she did not say those words then what set her husband off?I believed that she said those words to hurt her husband.Because let’s accept it,most Filipinas married foreigners for their green card if not for their money.They’re just too smart to admit it.The first thing they would do when they reach the U.S. is to look for a job,because they don’t want anybody to think they married for money.But’s that the ugly truth.And they spent years even decades pretending that they married for love but all they were looking is reason to file a divorce and be free.That’s the truth…

    1. Ramon: Well, no matter what Florence says if it’s true or not you still won’t agree to murdered her for just that freakin’ reason. Come on, it’s a selfish and unforgiving heart. Besides Ramon, you did not know Florence at the very first place. I went to her funeral today so I know that story, she was abused by her husband for so many years and Florence served and loved him. Friends seen it with their naked eye how Florence were abused by her husband. So this guy planned this way back then to kill Florence and he know that he will put to prison. He thinks that his life is worthless anyway so he was really wanted to kill Florence and go to jail. This is the case of desperate, unforgiving and selfish husband. If he don’t want Florence to be happy then he would rather murder her than seeing her happy in her life and he is not. That’s the case why it happened.
      About what you are saying the ugly truth, I disagree about it. Well, you have to know me personally so you will know that there are filipinas also that it’s not after the green card of money. In my case, I am not here for the greencard. I don’t want that freakin’ citizenship. I am here because I love my husband and my kids. And I am not working, and I don’t send money to the Philippines for my family. I don’t care about having money. I just live my life for what we have and be contented. I do not support family in the Philippines and in a year or so my husband and I will go home in the Philippines to live there.

    2. Ramon, let say she’s your sister what do you feel?let says that is true that she married to her husband for greencard or money for 15 years with 2 kids, it seems to me that it take a lot of time to pretend and sacrifice for this stuff that you accusing her.she don’t deserve to be killed. she can come to america without her husband her family can petition her.

    3. @Ramon- so if your wife or gf makes you angry then that is enough reason to kill her? Wow! you Mr. Ramon(if thats your real name) is mentally ill. People like you who tries to justify a killing shouldn’t be allowed to be free,because anytime you will just snap and kill somebody for a stupid reason.Think before you comment so as not to embarrass yourself or just don’t comment at all.

  12. we really dont know what exactly the truth, i strongly believe that the husband just telling some words to defend himself..his statements are keeps on changing, he was telling that his wife telling him that just married him beacuse of green card..i dont think so..he just want everyone to have pity on him and hated pinay for what had happened..15 years of marriage just beacuse of green card..?its impossible..

  13. im sorry for the family our kababayan we well be praying for her that the husband he get what he deserve hope stay in preson for life or death penalty .I dont believe that she come to america for green card .they married for what 10 years if she come to united state just for green card she will be devorcing him when 2 years imagine she have 2 children that husband of her is sick saikopat she didnot deserve to die like that he well be answering that with GOD.

  14. Juliepie, I don’t believe filipinos are any more or any less trustworthy than any other nationality. When you say “we filipinos have so much loyalty and trust to people”, the statement just seems self-centered. Personally I have had 3 horrible experiences with Filipina over the past two years. I have been lied to and fooled around on. One I nearly married…thankfully her best friend was honest and gave me 100% proof she was fooling around with two other men, along with a box full of western union pick up notices from several other men she had been seeing online for several months (probably years).

    But I agree in this case, Florence was married a long time. She was one of the good ones. The man who murdered her is only using the green card issue as an excuse for a lighter sentence. He deserves nothing but a lifetime in prison.

    1. Ben, Well, if you were fooled by filipinas, I felt sorry about it. But you have to be smart enough to test and figure it out if they good and bad ones. I agree that there are bad filipinas too but at the same time there’s also good filipinas. Like such as there are bad and good americans, in this world there’s good and bad people. I mean of loyalty is that is part of our culture. I am not saying that all filipinos are trustworthy. Hope you understand my point. We as filipinos are giving trust easily to other people but it’s not necessarily mean that everybody are trustworthy.
      Also, in Florence case I know this very well that the case with her husband’s heart is selfishness and unforgiveness to murder Florence. I talked to her family just today personally.

  15. Hey, just want to comment to all this crap posted here. I am a filipina too, and if Mr. Stone killed her just for the green card…then fuck that green card, for me i am willing to go back to my beautiful country. This country is full of shit. You Mr. Stone will deserve to be in jail forever. Let say Florence married you only for the green card but you don’t have right to kill a person especially that person is the mother of your 2 kids. I am a green card holder too, but this is not the reason why i am here, it’s just because i love my husband and my son. If not because of this, anytime and even right now i am ready to take off going back to the Philippines. You american men will be thankful that we serve you with all our hearts. For Florence, my condolences is with you and to your family. May you rest in peace.

    1. Yes I agree with you Aehr. Even myself, I am not here in the USA if that because of that freakin’ Green card which is all bullcrap, this country is not very good at all! If you guys think of that freakin’ greencard, screw you! Honestly, in my heart I want to go back to my beautiful country and live a very simple life. I don’t care about material things that can satisfy of a human wants. All I need is a loving family, peaceful home in the farm and live a simple life and live a slow pace of life that can appreciate simple things. I don’t want to be a citizen and my husband and I will go home to the Philipines with our 2 beautiful daughter in a year or so God willing. So, basically in my case, If I am here in the US it’s because I love my husband and kids eventhough my heart always wanted to live in the Philippines. I don’t want greencard or money. I am not working and I am not sending money to support my family. My family in the Philippines never ask any dollar and my husband can prove it to people. So I can say not all filipinas are after the green card. That’s a shit reason to judge!

  16. I am a filipina and lives here in Orlando florida.Before i married my husband i was already traveling all over the world and settled here in the U.S. now.It’s wrong to say that filipina’s just come here for the green card and that’s all about it. I am sure there’s a lot of situations where it happened where there are user’s and willing to be used.Regardless, marriage is about 2 people willing to work it out or not.All i could say is that regardless of what she said to him,we don’t really know what exactly happened. She could probably said something to the effect of “i just married you for your green card” i personally believe that it’s not the sole reason why he did what he did. It’s not justifiable to lose her life the way she did just because someone decided to end her life like this.She is not only a person but she was a daughter to someone,a sister to someone, a friend to someone and a mother to her kids…..

  17. That’s true. She was very nice lady and very calm. Just pray for her soul and condolence to the family and friends and specially to her two kids and I know Florence she trying to fight to get them. I love you my fren and we miss you….

  18. My deepest condolences to the family of Florence. Im 100% disagree w/ “RON”. I know him well…His ex-wife divorce him for so many reasons…I would do the same if i was his “ex”…Let me ask you Ron, do you think Florence will stay MARRIED to Mr Stone for 14 years only to get a green card? I don’t think so! Im sure she loves him…Mr Stone and Mr Ron should both go to hell! Mr Ron is now residing in Dipolog.

  19. It’s sad to know what happend to her.What ever the real reasons are, still not good for the two childrens. They already lost there mother now, they probably lost there father too. I wish all the best for them and hopefully everything will be O.k.

  20. I felt sorry with the story .It was not a good excused to killed the wife becuase of the green card issue.This woman wasted half of her entire life with this Man.Ten years is not just yesterday .This man is sick and selfish !!!!He cannot accept the fact that he was not enough to her .That beautiful woman deserved better .Wish the family can get a great lawyer for her so that she can get the fair justice.Life is precious to be wasted with this kind of tragedy.This is a wake up call to all Filipino women to be careful to choice who you love with.Woman shouldn’t be afraid to leave your husband if you are not treated well.Seek a lawyer on your community to help you before it happen like this .Protect yourself and save your Life !!!! My deepest condolences to the family ..

  21. I agree to u Ron. I don`t know coz maybe of our financial problem most Filipina married to foreigners coz of green card, most are using them. It`s so a shame to the Philippines. What can I say “Oh My God” but anyway we are not perfect, but how about those people marry them coz of lov….

  22. Green Card3X F–K! that green card!!! i think Green Card is B——T!!! if you’re living in hell already!!! F–K IT!!! nobody needs it!!! GreenCArd is not worth living in HELL!!! if ur not happy anymore u have the freedom to go!!! plain and simple!!! set each other free no killing!!!

  23. We are talking about a life that was taken from a beautiful person, that she was. A great mother of Two beautiful kids for Mr Chris A. Stone to take that Away from his own kids, Say’s a whole lot “WHAT KIND OF A PERSON MR CHRIS A. STONE REALLY IS”……..A great wife and a great friend to have. She put other people first before herself. We all hope justice will prevail For Florence Madrinan Stone you may rest in peace. We love you so much and we surely miss you……..

  24. via,,
    im sorry to tell u this some foreigner really only married for a greencard what are u explaining here is give them they’re american dream?? what if the guy is poor and sad to say some woman from the foreign country ex. from the philippines they became too materialistic and they’re snuby showing off .. its not about giving they’re american dream its about being how to work the marriage out i feel so sorry for her dying we dont know whats the real reason but hope she will be in peace

  25. Excuse my English, this is not my primary language.

    While I do agree that there are some Filipinas who use foreigners to escape poverty, you cannot compare all of us to those who do. Most of us are educated and well taken cared of by our parents. Not all of us live in isolated islands/places. After finishing college we work to help our families and we establish ourselves professionally. It’s like coming up to a black man and telling him that because he’s a nigger he’s a druggie or something like that. Filipinas are being accused of every little things, which is so unfair because not all of us does it. How about this; there are Americans who would come to the Philippines to look for good time, and most of them are Pedophiles, should I say that all Americans are Pedos? There are also American employers who don’t pay well and mistreat some Filipinos in their own land, should I also say that Americans are stupid bastards?

    There’s always two sides to a story, the sad part is that we cannot hear Florence take the stand and defend herself and some people here are too selfish as to make a pathetic excuse as to justify the murder of this poor woman. Hasn’t anyone thought about what the children would feel? What they know and what they have to say about their father?

  26. hey ron and u s**t geek pathetic moron….. stop saying things that u never know……u think america is good??? both of u are stupid….. if i saw u in my beautiful hometown dipolog…..i will make u eat s**t so that u will know the meaning of american bastards ….. i hate both of u… [redacted]… i love DIPOLOG… I love my kababayans…

  27. Look maybe she did say that comment about the greencard maybe not. If it was me doing that I would have left already I would not stay with somebody for all those years or have kids. He may have made it up cause he had no reason why he did it all I know is that two kids dont have their mother no more and their not going to remeber who their father is either

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